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Defining the word “corporate” would seem to be an easy thing. Or is it? The second dictionary definition of “corporate,” not the inferior one or the one that is not preferred, but one of the two main definitions is of or pertaining to a unified body of individuals. I am rejoicing now because this discovery means that my precious “Corporate Tai Chi” is the perfect name for its function: to empower unified groups through the tool of tai chi and chi kung exercise. Hallelujah! Now, let’s look at what belongs in this category of UNIFIED BODY OF INDIVIDUALS. what comes to mind now are the following distinctive groups, although please send in your thoughts as they come to you, and I will add them in.

1. students in pre-school and K-12,
2. students in university or college,
3. residents in hospital, nursing home, prison,
4. government personnel,
5. military groups out of combat,
6. social clubs and religious group affiliations,
7. community groups,
8. corporations (factory/office),
9. volunteer groups,
10.alumni or alumnae groups,
11. family daily life, gatherings and reunions,
12. etc., etc., etc.

With this list, we can see how each of these groups is a unified group. So, the term “corporate tai chi” would correctly identify a tai chi activity with these people. In fact, the very purpose of tai chi is to unify. So, corporate tai chi is a perfect name. Maybe with an added asterisk like so:
CORPORATE* TAI CHI, always followed by the list.

This post was inspired by my phone call with Jeff Herring, the Article Guy, with whom I just spoke. I mentioned that I was looking for another name for Corporate Tai Chi since everyone relates it to business, instead of what it is, unified groups, such as schools, organizations, government, hospitals and business entities.

Jeff’s tag line, Go Use This Stuff (G.U.T.S.) led me to act immediately upon having a few unexpected extra minutes due to our call’s being cut short because of Murphy’s Law, karma and a local phone repair team.

From this point on, the Corporate Tai Chi brand will add an ASTERISK.

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