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Corporate Tai Chi Becomes Standard at Work And SchoolAs any martial artist can tell you, the training is of the mind which drives the body which inspires, motivates and enhances the spirit. The physical work is the tool. Corporate tai chi is one of those tools which relaxes, centers, increases productivity, brings stress relief and enables health.

As is typical in this world of “get it now”, many of us think that working our bodies for an hour in an eight-week class and then sitting dormant for a year is helpful. As any athlete, scholar, philosopher will tell you; the work must be continual so that the foundation of knowledge we build becomes usefully available as we train our subject. Not possible with the one-shot workout or the eight-week session. The actual one-shot thinking, IMHO, is part of a downtrodden mind.

Picture only using our right leg 50% of the time. Our lives would be vastly different. Or, how about taking up a new language, studying for eight weeks, an hour a week, with one hour of study a week, and then stopping for three years. What did we accomplish?

Many CEOs used to balk at the idea of approving physical fitness training at work, either giving money or facility to employees. Now, since it is common knowledge that $1 invested in the employee brings back between $2 and $6, we outlay money for “the gym” with little sales pitch necessary.

So, what about outlaying money for Corporate Tai Chi which will double corporate money? Corporate studies show how financially beneficial it is to have a daily stress relief component. Corporate Tai Chi, five minutes of daily training, same time every day is such a technology.

My Corporate Tai Chi/Stress/ADHD Relief Pepsi grant (resubmission), votable on April 4, is a project that will gather financial data to show how productive and how happy people feel with the program compared to without.

The answer to how to get this program standardized at work and school seems simple enough. It’s a combination of the Carnegie Hall and real estate cliches: implement, implement, implement. Or then there’s the edited Jerry McGuire quote, “Show me the numbers.”

Do we want to be happy and make happy people at work and school? Yes.

Do we want to be more productive and facilitate more productive workers and students? Of course.

If we have a guarantee that we won’t lose money, should we add Corporate Tai Chi? Definitely.

Time in gets us those guarantees. Since it is so difficult to devise a study that measures the money generated by increased production and good attitude through corporate tai chi which falls under corporate wellness and work-life balance, we need to install the program and watch what happens. it’s not a Kierkegaardian “leap of faith,” since we already have the stats from corporate wellness studies. It does take a visionary to install it. The more visionaries we get onboard, the more programs will become proof. The more proof we have, the more standardized the program will become. The more standardization, the less stress.

Look at Facebook, whose offices border a beautiful, green outdoors, visible from employee’s seats and available for a quick stress relief walk.(That would be if the ping pong table were broken at lunchtime or they decided to install cubicles). Notice the Barack Obama Green Charter School in NJ where the day begins with meditation.

Most universities and some corporate entities offer fitness centers. All should offer Corporate Tai Chi in some form where people get it first thing before task or can access it at their leisure for their leisure. As we human beings value our lives more, that is, we are becoming more diligent, we take time to enhance what we do on a daily basis. With Corporate Tai Chi in the equation, the quality of life is surely improved. There is no rush for something good to take hold. It is the nature of what makes it good.

In conclusion, the standard means keeping up with the times. Therefore, making Corporate Tai Chi available through mobile and online technology is currently in progress. That is the way of the now, until it, too, changes.

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