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Stress/ADHD Relief Project grant vote is over. Download this thank you audio for your participation in the vote at Pepsi’s Refresh Everything.

This was an exciting month

with new people hearing about the concept of taking five minutes a day and decompressing, rejuvenating, removing stress, regenerating time, confidence and energy through simple focus of the body and attention using tai chi/chi kung/flowing movement.
Here are 5 accomplishments of this grant entry.

1. THE POWER OF ONE. The Stress/ADHD Relief Project vote showed how one idea can germinate across continents, not cities, continents, to create positive world action against stress and other universal issues.

2. UNITY. The Stress/ADHD Relief Project vote demonstrated how people who are as productive and busy as you are could take a moment to read about a possible world solution and, ultimately, vote for an idea that could make a huge impact on stress and health.

3. AWARENESS. This project has raised awareness for the need for stress/ADHD relief programs in schools, at work, at home. It is my mission to continue spreading it.

4. CROSS-COMMUNICATION. This project has begun a cross-communication with other project leaders including Michelle Obama and the childhood obesity project, psychologists working to diminish stress, school professionals working on methods that make sense within the school structure that will enhance academics rather than take time away.

5. MOTIVATION The final step to the equation of pulling together and making headway in a global direction is motivation. The Stress/ADHD Relief Project Grant Vote has created motivated people to continue working on the project for the sake of humanity. The precepts of this program are based on simple concepts: that we need to take time out for ourselves, that we need to refuel, that taking a small amount of time away from “standard” daily routine will positively impact us so that being part of this type of solution will become the “new standard” of the future.

Again, I am grateful for those of you who took the time to read the project information, to vote for the project and to take the time to comment.

If you are interested in more info about the next round of project grants on April 4, 2011, please make a comment or follow this discussion through RSS.

The Stress/ADHD Relief Project thanks you.


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