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Corporate Tai Chi, five-minutes of impact training at the work station, is an economy changing technology whose time has come. If our organizations, institutions and schools have more focused, less stressed, more inspired children and adults in them; the work they produce will be worth more to the organization, build confidence and gratitude in the individual and add to a positive influence on humanity, as a whole.

Because this special training is not part of the “old guard,” established infrastructure; decision makers such as CEOs, government officials, superintendents and provosts want to see the report that says, “For every dollar spent on corporate tai chi, you can expect to receive a return three times our investment,” as has been found with other mind-body installations and corporate wellness programs.

We don’t have that yet. BUT, we applied for a grant from Pepsi, one of the companies that lists the “spend $1, get back $3” statistic in their literature. This particular grant is won by YOUR VOTES. That means, if you go and vote (10X a day is allowed), then we could get the grant. Starting November 1, you can go to, and VOTE FOR THE GRANT; we can win with your help. If we win, we will launch a national corporate tai chi program.  So, we ask for your support.


In the meantime, who else has the vision to see that we must marry one industry with another in cooperation with the other, one idea to the next, one community to the other, innovation to innovation? Who realizes that, by non-alliance and non-colleagueship, we are building islands rather than an integrated, well-oiled (no pun intended) engine to drive our world. Who sees the integral value that corporate tai chi has as an innovative technology?

Next-Gen-Expo sees it. Steven Zuckerman, its executive producer sees it. Next-Gen is an un-conference of innovators and innovation in science, education, music, film, art, media, alternative health, energy, infrastructure, technology, finance, human rights, climate, transportation and social action. The mission: action for the benefit of humanity.

Corporate Tai Chi will showcase there because it benefits people. Many change makers from around the world are coming to build a network of synergy – speakers and audience working together, learning and contributing. Next-Gen is about taking continual action through a process built by a producer with vision. This is about building together to empower us all.

Here’s your invitation to Next-Gen at G-Star Studios
on Oct. 15-17. Here’s a special ticket link for my readers: Next-Gen Best Tix . We’re making a movie. We’re creating a network. Corporate Tai Chi will be unveiled.

For more info on Synergy Building, see my article here.

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I am a 63 year old African American woman who has been for years trying to get a grant to teach Tai Chi to school children. I believe it will make a grand infrastructure in the world overall, the way kids grow up and into adults. I have been doing Tai Chi for many years, about 40. I look and feel about 40. Please let me do a demonstration and be a part of your plan.

Edith Brown wrote on December 1, 2010 - 4:29 pm

Did I comment here. Can’t remember. I am 63 and have been doing Tai Chi for years. I look much younger and have never been really sick. I would love to teach schools or government buildings. I’m good at it. Please call at 301.749.9390 – leave a message and will get back to you. Will be glad to send demo.

Edith Brown wrote on December 14, 2010 - 12:45 pm
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