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balance at work

How would you like to be free to work creatively, school creatively, free of the doctrines of government, religion, society? Would you be lost because we were raised within these fences? Do our laws and our mores bind us or give us freedom? Fortunately for most of us who could not write a new body of laws or create a new society, we do not have to abandon what we have built. We can add to it.

Many Reflections

Does the reflection mirror the reality?

Much as this photo shows a mirror inside a mirror inside a mirror, where light is free to reflect multiple times, corporate tai chi can allow our stress, boredom, lethargy, burn-out to become freedom, power and focus through five-minutes of training at our desk that will make us alert as a tiger while removing excess thought so we totally enjoy what we’re doing and have crystal-clear concentration.

Similar to the light, which has no restrictions but those of the eyes that see it, corporate tai chi training causes limitless positive effects. For many reasons, including accelerated and comprehensive blood flow, it takes less effort for us to produce more, create more, and be more committed. This “letting go” that we accomplish through corporate tai chi has a colossal chain reaction on academic and professional work, the revenue that is produced there and on our community, family and personal lives.

ripple effect

ripple effect

The FREEDOM tai chi creates brings to mind the concept of flow from letting go depicted in these ripples from a droplet of water. I am also reminded of the new novel, written by my spiritual brother, Bill Douglas, 2012 where the words of the book seemed to turn into the freedom from tai chi, even though the plot of the book had nothing to do with doing tai chi.

2012, this multi-cultural action novel, talks of the importance of letting go of archaic ways to thrive in the modern world and how necessary it is to break the bonds where fear drives action and motivation. The heroine speaks of how letting go rids us of fear, inspires creative action and  can balance the world in 2012. A good read.



So, are we free if we act from the social rules, and are we controlled by the mores, convictions and laws around us? Do we cherish the social, business, military and moral controls that have been implanted for our betterment? An idea to ponder repeatedly. But, it is time for me to segway back to why I wrote this on the corporate tai chi blog. Here it comes.

Tai chi is based upon the principle of continual flow of movement and energy. To become this concept is to become the art. Same with music or preaching or doctoring. If you are absorbed in your task, you have become your task. It seems to make sense that to let go brings you closer to your intention.

Let’s look at what happens if students, both children and adults; if officer workers; if executives; if laborers intentionally are given five minutes of training at the start of each day and this training causes them to let go of tension, of internal conversation, of resentment, of distraction – so that they will be in a better position to work, learn, develop, which translates to succeeding at their task, generating revenue, recognition and enjoyment.
Corporate tai chi, five-minutes of tai chi at the start of work, school, group meetings, consists of standing and doing simple, at your desk exercise, in work or school attire. It is professional development for the purpose of sharpening your day for the further purpose of raising productivity and accelerating the mind to increase revenue.

This five-minute method is so easy that it might just be the missing link between balance and instability. Using it can produce free and clear individuals, better work and school culture, super productivity and high academic achievement, and, ultimately, higher profit, better jobs and happier people.

Do we shy away from this type of method because it is not mainstream, even if we look at studies that show how every dollar spent on corporate wellness returns between $1.50 and $4.00 and schools that institute these types of programs return notable scholastic differences? Or do we go forward with the information we have obtained and run with it? Do we take a step outside the corporate box and install new programs that belong in a new time in history?

It is time to free ourselves through corporate tai chi. If we let go before starting our first task at work and school, will we not be in a better position to complete it and be in a better frame of mind? It stands to reason that if grades are higher, schools receive more money, students get better jobs. If employees produce more, corporations make more money. So what are we waiting for?

Corporate tai chi is just one example of a newer concept that deals with relaxation and flow. There are many. Music is a perfect example of how changing the rules that traditional harmony teaches created certain variations of jazz, rock, then electronic music. (I say variations because much of music follows traditional harmony to this day, although it sounds different from the old.) And now there are specializations of 50 plus genres, each with 50 divisions.

All this came out of letting go. The internet is another example of letting go of boundaries. And it is why all the genres of music are present in our minds, rather than living in their respective countries and cultures. Because, thanks to the internet, we have the opportunity to hear it all and hear freedom.

What do you think? Whether you are a sponsoring organization of corporate tai chi and watch your employees or students raise their productivity levels, or whether you have a new concept you are using to meet the needs of today’s people, embrace what you believe maintaining consideration for humanity. Look in the mirror and see what is right for you.

tai chi group portrait

Community Tai Chi

If you have any comments on installing corporate tai chi in your school system, government office, community, place of business, or if you would like to be considered for such a program, please let us know at doitnow [at] dianegold [dot] com or at 866.445.2121.

If you are interested in checking out Bill Douglas’ book, 2012, The Awakening, you can get it here: It was worth my time, which is why I’m recommending it.

If you have tried Corporate Tai Chi, we’d love to hear your comments.

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