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Corporate Tai Chi is a method of improving our personal motivation and tempering our spirit at the corporate, governmental, institutional, organizational, educational levels. It comes from a vision that using the power of the slow martial art form of tai chi chuan as a tool can generate prosperity, balance and motivation in the organizations in which we spend a good part of our day.

Although tai chi has not yet become popular in the mainstream, it is coming. For those of us who have discovered it, it is practiced without want for this popularity. It is a haven for self-renewal much like your best vacation, your last chiropractic adjustment, a day off from school or a deadline change on an assignment that you had not completed.

If tai chi is all this, why not take this method of Chinese kung fu, that is based upon the movements of the snake and the crane, to the corporate level. Use it to fill the corporate culture with what it lacks: a method of producing peaceful, renewable human energy on a regular basis, that will not disrupt scheduling, will not require building a training hall, does not need location or clothing change, that will accomplish its purpose during work or school hours without giving up on-the-job time, other than five minutes.

There are many corporate wellness programs in the form of on-site gyms, coupons for fitness memberships, corporate retreats for the successful. The people who use these services are the motivated, meritorous group who would achieve and pursue health anyway. The existing strategies do not focus on the others, whose self-esteem is less, who are not creating miracles on the job and who don’t have the motivation to push through. Here’s where the responsibility of the mentor/leadership comes in. Now, companies are beginning to offer incentives for using corporate wellness. This is needed. This is good. Even better is Corporate Tai Chi which affects every participant positively and makes money for the company.

The solution of Corporate Tai Chi, which pays for its installation within one to six months, can monetize for the company ten times its expense in a very short time. Not only does it beat the standard wellness program installed in an institution that brings $3 for every $1 in five to ten years, it offers instant gratification to every single individual. The implementation of incentives for participation are effective;, but, in the meantime, all takers will become stronger, healthier, more valuable to themselves and their organization through Corporate Tai Chi.

How can you not be curious?

To discuss the installation of Corporate Tai Chi, please contact Diane Gold, the Founder. Contact information is listed in the category with the same name to the right.

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The ancient Chinese proposed that all living things are sustained by an energy force called Qi that flows through invisible meridians in the body. Yin and Yang are the complete polar opposite of each other: the softer, more pliant and yielding, more feminine and more negative aspects in anything are viewed as Yin while the more masculine, harder, more rigid and more positive aspects are seen as Yang. Both sides complement each other completely and together form a perfect whole.

tai chi instructor course wrote on February 15, 2011 - 1:02 am
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